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If you are interested in leasing or just have a question about terms, sending an email to our leasing department is the easiest and fastest route of inquiry.

Each of our landmen have direct phone lines as well if you prefer a phone call. If using email, please include the legal description of your land(s) and current contact information including phone number and email so that we can reply to you promptly.


Kelly Smith
(580) 393-4341

Stan Diffendaffer
(580) 393-4323

Donna Gubser
(580) 799-0733

Brent Smith
(580) 393-4322

Our leasing agents hail from rural communities, so they have natural rapport with “small town” people, typically rural residents who are among the savviest of landowners. SFI Energy’s grounded, friendly, and relaxed interaction with these owners has enabled us to secure leases that larger companies were unable to acquire.

We are the first company many landowners call – including many with whom we have never worked – when they receive offers from other brokers and are worried about terms and bonuses or royalties, or are confused by jargon.

Whether it's a minor interest in a lower-rated area, or an owner with major acreage in a prime play, SFI Energy works just as hard for the small interest owner as it does the large.


Common Leasing Terms

Money paid to the landowner in consideration of signing an oil and gas lease. This is an upfront payment made upon confirmation of ownership.

A percentage (expressed as a fraction) of the proceeds from an producing well that is paid to the landowner, proportionate to the amount of mineral interest the landowner owns in the section where the producing well lies.