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Wind Energy

SFI Energy began a leasing partnership with Kansas-based Tradewind Energy in 2008 as part of the development of the Rocky Ridge Wind Project located in Western Oklahoma's Washita and Kiowa Counties.

The leasing portion of this project concluded in early 2010, with over 80,000 acres leased.

Once leasing was complete, Enel North America, Inc. oversaw the physical construction of the project, which went online in July 2012, with a total of 93 turbines providing nearly 150 megawatts of total power to the state.

We continue in 2017 to work with Tradewind to development new wind projects in Western and Northern Oklahoma.

Why Wind Energy?

While oil and natural gas will continue to be the primary source of energy for our nation, it is also important to develop additional supplies when possible.

Besides the abundance of this natural resource here Oklahoma, wind energy also produces zero emissions, is renewable, cost-effective, and wind turbines are able to provide energy even during seasons of high usage. A wind system can supply up to 20% of a utility company's energy needs.

Wind projects contribute to the revitalization of rural communities, as well as the preservation of farms, ranches and prairies.



Please direct Rocky Ridge inquiries to:

Tim Knutson
Operations Supervisor
Enel Green Power North America
Office (580) 726-2090
Mobile (580) 579-4914